PTA-CMS: Addiko Bank AG: Share Buyback Programme 2023: 24th Interim Announcement

9/26, 10:50 AM (Source: pressetext)
Vienna (pta016/26.09.2023/10:50) - Publication pursuant to § 119 para 9 Stock Exchange Act 2018 in connection with § 7 Publication Regulation 2018 and Article 2 para 3 Delegated Regulation (EU) 2016/1052

Announcement according to article 119 section 9 BörseG

Vienna (pta016/26.09.2023/10:50) - Publication pursuant to § 119 para 9 Stock Exchange Act 2018 in connection with § 7 Publication Regulation 2018 and Article 2 para 3 Delegated Regulation (EU) 2016/1052

Vienna, 26 September 2023 – In the course of the share buyback programme 2023 for shares of Addiko Bank AG (ISIN AT000ADDIKO0) as announced on 6 April 2023, the following transactions were executed from 18 to 22 September 2023:

Date Repurchased shares
(purchase via the stock exchange) Portion of the share capital per day Portion of the share capital in total to date Highest price per share in EUR Lowest price per share in EUR Weighted average price per share in EUR Value of the repurchased shares in EUR
18.09.2023 1,297 0.0067% 0.4480% 12.900 12.850 12.8505 16,667.10
19.09.2023 1,376 0.0071% 0.4551% 12.850 12.800 12.8019 17,615.41
20.09.2023 1,170 0.0060% 0.4611% 12.800 12.650 12.7138 14,875.15
21.09.2023 247 0.0013% 0.4623% 12.600 12.600 12.6000 3,112.20
22.09.2023 1,222 0.0063% 0.4686% 12.550 12.550 12.5500 15,336.10
Total 5,312 0.4686% 12.900 12.550 12.7270 67,605.96

The share repurchases were executed exclusively on the Vienna Stock Exchange by a credit institution which makes its decision concerning the timing of the purchases independently of the company and has to comply with the trading conditions pursuant to Article 3 Delegated Regulation (EU) 2016/1052.

Note pursuant to § 5 para 4 Publication Regulation 2018: The information to be published pursuant to §§ 6 and 7 Publication Regulation 2018 shall be published on the website of Addiko Bank AG (

Constantin Gussich
Head of Investor Relations & Group Corporate Development, +43 664 884 268 31


About Addiko Group

Addiko Group is a specialist banking group focusing on providing banking products and services to Consumer and Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SME) in Central and South-Eastern Europe (CSEE). The Group consists of Addiko Bank AG, the fully-licensed Austrian parent bank registered in Vienna, Austria, listed on the Vienna Stock Exchange and supervised by the Austrian Financial Market Authority and the European Central Bank, as well as six subsidiary banks, registered, licensed and operating in five CSEE countries: Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia & Herzegovina (where it operates via two banks), Serbia and Montenegro. Through its six subsidiary banks, Addiko Group services as of 30 June 2023 approximately 0.8 million customers in CSEE using a well-dispersed network of 154 branches and modern digital banking channels.

Based on its strategy, Addiko Group has repositioned itself as a specialist Consumer and SME banking group with a focus on growing its Consumer and SME lending activities as well as payment services (its "focus areas"). It offers unsecured personal loan products for Consumers and working capital loans for its SME customers and is largely funded by retail deposits. Addiko Group's Mortgage business, Public and Large Corporate lending portfolios (its "non-focus areas") are subject of an accelerated run-down process, thereby providing liquidity and capital for the growth in its Consumer and SME lending.


emitter: Addiko Bank AG
address: Canetti Tower, Canettistraße 5/12.OG, 1100 Wien
country: Austria
contact person: Addiko Investor Relations
phone: +43 664 884 268 31

ISIN(s): AT000ADDIKO0 (share)
stock exchanges: official trade in Vienna

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