9/28, 3:48 AM (Source: TeleTrader)
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DeSantis: Congressmen ending American Dream

Florida Governor and a contender for the Republican nominee in the 2024 election, Ron DeSantis, accused politicians from Washington DC of "shutting down the American Dream with their reckless behavior."

"They borrow, they print it, they spend, and now you're paying more for everything," he told the public at the GOP debate in Simi Valley, California. "They shot down our national sovereignty by allowing our border to be wide open so please, spare me the crocodile tears for these people."

"Where's Joe Biden? He's completely missing in action from leadership," DeSantis stressed. "Donald Trump is missing in action. He should be on this stage." He claimed that Trump's administration added $7.8 trillion to the country's debt, setting the pretext for the rise in inflation.

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