9/28, 4:02 AM (Source: TeleTrader)
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DeSantis: We need totally new approach to China

Florida Governor and a competitor for the Republican 2024 presidential candidate, Ron DeSantis, noted that the United States needs a "totally new approach to China."

"The reason why we're in this mess is because elites in DC for far too long have chosen surrender-over-strength when it comes to the CCP [Chinese Communist Party]," he said at the Republican debate in Simi Valley, California. "Some people in our country got rich; our industrial base got hollowed out, and they've been able to build the second most powerful military in the entire world."

Speaking of his potential future administration's relations with Beijing, he said that "we're going to gain economic independence from China where we're decoupling our economy, and we're going to go after the cultural power they have in this country."

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