9/28, 4:33 AM (Source: TeleTrader)
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DeSantis: Ukraine war must end

Florida Governor and a candidate for the Republican 2024 election nominee Ron DeSantis pledged his support for Ukraine amid Russia's military operation there but stressed the importance of putting the United States' needs first.

"We're not going to have a blank check, we will not have US troops, and we're gonna make the Europeans do what they need to do," DeSantis said at the GOP debate in Simi Valley, California. Still, he noted that the aid the US sends to Ukraine has to be reviewed as, in the meantime, "our own country is being invaded. ... We've got to defend the American people before we even worry about these other things."

Meanwhile, another candidate, South Carolina Senator Tim Scott, stressed that it is "our national vital interest" to degrade the Russian military and thus eliminate the risk of Moscow launching an attack on a North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) country.

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