11/30/2023, 12:05 AM (Source: TeleTrader)
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Musk slams advertisers for 'blackmailing' him

Elon Musk blasted companies that halted advertising on his social media platform X, formerly known as Twitter, after his remarks posted on X, which were seen as antisemitic. "If somebody’s gonna try to blackmail me with advertising? Blackmail me with money? Go f--- yourself," Musk said at a New York Times event.

Musk also apologized for his controversial comment on X, calling it "one of the most foolish" he has made and adding that he "in retrospect" should not have posted it. However, he also accused companies that withdrew advertising from X of "killing" the social network. "The whole world will know that those advertisers killed the company and we will document it in great detail," he said.

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