12/6/2023, 11:47 PM (Source: TeleTrader)
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US Senate fails to pass Biden's $106B supplement bill

The United States Senate failed to pass President Joe Biden's emergency aid bill worth $106 billion, which encompasses, among other things, support for Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan.

All of the 49 senators representing the Republican Party voted against the advancement of the bill, while the remaining members of the Senate voted in favor of it. Only with 60 votes could the bill have been approved. To support the act, Republicans demanded stricter border regulations, which, according to them, fell short of expectations.

Previously, White House officials called on Republicans to cut their "extreme demands" and greenlight the bill that would secure further funds for Ukraine. Meanwhile, Biden warned that if the legislation isn't given the go-ahead, this will be "the greatest gift" for Russian President Vladimir Putin.

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