9/24, 5:33 PM (Source: TeleTrader)
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Niece sues Trump over 'fraud' linked to will

Niece of United States President Donald Trump, Mary Trump, sued the president, his recently deceased brother's estate and their sister Maryanne for "fraud" over her grandfather Fred Sr.'s will.

In the lawsuit, Mary Trump, who wrote a book in which she severely criticized the president, said that her uncles and aunt did evrything to "deceive her about the true value of what she had inherited." She also claims that the president stole from his siblings, especially after his father had been diagnosed with Alzheimer's in the 1990s.

When Fred Sr. passed away in 1999, a lawyer linked to Fred Sr. and Donald Trump, Irwin Durben, acted as a trustee of the minor Mary and her brother. Trump's niece now claims that Durben was placed to ensure she and her brother were pushed out of the family's real estate business.

Mary Trump is the daughter of Fred Jr., Donald Trump's older brother who passed away in 1981.

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