9/28, 1:51 PM (Source: TeleTrader)
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Nord Stream could be irreparably damaged - media

According to Tagesspiegel's government source, Germany fears the three Nord Stream 1 and 2 tubes that have been damaged a day ago could not be repaired in case they are not serviced soon, which would make the two pipelines unsuitable for any future gas flow.

The country used to meet most of its energy needs by import, which is why its officials are assessing possible consequences of the issue that was referred to as ''sabotage'' and ''deliberate act'' in the West. Berlin is therefore intensifying control over its waters, while the media further reported German officials believe the attack must have been carried out by another state, without excluding Russia.

However, Moscow says those who try to accuse it of damaging the pipes are making ''predictably stupid'' statements, adding Sweden and Denmark must have registered who entered their waters, and stressing the US has increased its profit after it recently boosted gas supply to Europe.

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