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Palestine breaks off vaccine deal with Israel over expiration issues

The Palestinian Authority (PA) cancelled a vaccine swap deal with Israel on Friday after receiving soon-to-expire Pfizer COVID-19 vaccines. According to the agreement Israel would send Palestine 1.4 million doses with a shelf life of at least another two to three months and then PA would reimburse those jabs later in the year, but the latest Israeli shipment had an expiration date much sooner than agreed.

"They told us the expiration date was in July or August, which would allow lots of time for use. But [the expiration date] turned out to be in June. That's not enough time to use them, so we rejected them," said Mai Alkaila, Palestine's Health Minister.

The vaccine deal was among the first policy decisions that the new Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennet had taken towards the Palestinian Authority. The West Bank took the deal to receive close-to-expiration COVID-19 doses in efforts "to speed up the vaccination process."

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