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Pompeo refuses to confirm US cyberattacks on Russia

United States Secretary of State Mike Pompeo declined to comment whether the allegations that the US conducted frequent cyberattacks against Russia are true. Speaking at Fox News, the official acknowledged that he saw the New York Times article stating that Washington attempted to introduce malicious software into the Russian power system. According to the anonymous sources quoted in the report, in that way, the US hoped to collect information on the Russian energy system.

Commenting on the report, Pompeo said: "I saw the publication this morning. I have nothing to say about its content. I will not discuss matters related to intelligence's activity." However, the secretary stressed that Washington "will continue to work actively" in order to "prevent any country from interfering in any elections" in the US.

On Saturday, US President Donald Trump denied NYT's allegations, accusing the newspaper of "de facto treason."

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