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and one of our other products:, TeleTrader WebStation or TeleTrader WorkStation

iPhone App

The iPhone app requires iOS 9 or higher. Optimized for iOS 11 and iPhone 7, iPhone 8 and iPhone X.

Our free app gives you access to live quotes and push prices from markets around the world. Discover the major stock markets, like Nasdaq, Dow Jones, S&P 500, and futures markets, including precious metals or energy, agricultural or livestock products, with free real-time data of leading indices, commodities and currency exchange rates, such as EUR/USD, GBP/USD as well as Bitcoin rates. Look up your individual symbols with our powerful live search feature. Display relevant news stories for individual stocks, or browse the news overview by category.

Customizable features include personal watchlists and virtual portfolios for monitoring your assets. The alert service sends price-based notifications automatically via Apple Push, e-mail or text message. Our interactive real-time charts also support intraday timeframes, special features such as logarithmic charts, and the most popular technical indicators such as MACD, Bollinger Bands, RSI and many more. Let our Stock Screener assist you in picking the most promising securities out of thousands from the world's major stock exchanges, and use the new Currency Converter with current rates from major world currencies (also includes Bitcoin Currency Converter).

All your financial information needs covered in one innovative app – and all of that for free!

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  • Indices
  • Currencies
  • Interest rates
  • Hot Stocks

Interactive chart

Interactive Charting

When you flip the screen of your phone, the full-screen charting tool shows its powerful features: Custom timeframes including intraday data and volume data, logarithmic charts, variuos display options such as grid or crosshair, different chart types and the most popular technical indicators such as MACD, Bollinger Bands, RSI and many more.

Real-Time Stock Screener

Scan the market for the most promising stocks in real time with our interactive Stock Screener. It covers the world's major stock exchanges and enables you to filter by various criteria, such as performance in different time frames (weekly, monthly, yearly etc.), or pick stocks based on fundamental data, like market cap, EBIT, EBITDA, net income & turnover.

Currency Converter

Easy-to-Use Currency Converter

With our currency converter, you can easily calculate the current exchange rate for major world currencies (including Bitcoin). Choose currencies and enter the amount to be converted - and you're done! You can also define personal favorites and change the direction of conversion with one click. Suitable for everyday use: The currency converter also works offline or when you lose connection.

Currency Converter is also available as a separate app.

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Apple Watch Support

The StockMarkets App provides full support for the Apple Watch. As soon the iPhone is connected to an Apple Watch the you can track your most important symbols from the phones watchlist on the display of the watch. By clicking the single symbols some more specific details are displayed. The Apple Watch App is part of the iPhone App StockMarkets and will automatically be downloaded with the App.

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iPad App

Compatible with all iPad versions running iOS 7 or higher.

Optimized for tablets, this innovative iOS app gives you streaming quotes from worldwide markets. All types of financial assets are covered – from indices and stocks, to futures and commodities as well as interest rates, bonds and currencies. Real-time, live data for major indices, commodities and the main currency pairs gives you the edge you need in the market. Additionally, you are always up-to-date on global events with current news updates.

Pre-defined market overviews let you browse the main markets at a glance - discover additional symbols with our live search, and add them immediately to your personal watchlists and virtual portfolios to keep track of your gains and losses. Use the bigger screen available for our advanced charting tool, compare the performance of a security with its benchmark on the live chart, add one or more technical indicators to the time series and easily switch chart type (Candlesticks, OHLC Bars, Mountain or Line charts), time compression (Daily, Intraday etc.) or scaling (linear or percentage). Automatically get price alerts when a certain limit is reached – they can be sent using Apple Push or e-mail. Scan the market for the most promising stocks with our Stock Screener.

Of course, your customized lists and alerts are automatically shared with our other mobile apps, so that you can switch seamlessly between your tablet and your smartphone!

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  • Commodities
  • Constituents
  • Interactive chart

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Android App

Android version 4.0 or higher is required. The app is optimized for Android smartphones and Android tablets.

Financial information for both Android smartphones and tablets lets you see real-time data for major indices from around the world, commodities and currency exchange rates for free. Of course, also quotes for stocks, futures, interest rates, bonds and many more as well as news are included. The entire application features push prices, which means that no manual reloading of the data is necessary. If you want to save bandwidth when away from a Wireless connection, you can also configure the app to push only when connected to Wi-Fi.

Set up your personal watch lists, monitor your transactions in a virtual portfolio and define alert notifications when a price limit is reached. Notifications can be sent automatically by Android Push, e-mail or text messages – also daily e-mail notifications about a customized list of securities are available. Interactive charts for technical analysis and a Stock Screener based on fundamental data like market cap, EBIT, EBITDA, net income, and so on complete the picture.

Start using the app immediately, no sign-up required – or sign up for free to get access to additional features like text notifications on price alerts!

  • Market Overview
  • Commodities
  • Indices
  • Currencies
  • Interest Rates
  • ETFs
  • Hot Stocks

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Per App am Puls der globalen Finanzmärkte

Mai 10, 2016  |  Österreich

Die Tageszeitung ÖSTERREICH stellte am 10.Mai unser „Stockmarket“ APP in der Rubrik „Money und Finanz“ vor.

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