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  • TeleTrader Workstation
  • TeleTrader Workstation
  • TeleTrader Workstation
  • TeleTrader Workstation

Make your trading decisions.
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Market Data

Real-time prices, market depth, time & sales and historical data



Tick and intraday data, daily, weekly and monthly time-series

technical analysis

Technical Analysis

Technical indicators, trading signals and drawing tools


News and Fundamental Data

Worldwide news from leading agencies

TeleTrader WorkStation combines the most modern technical analysis with reliable and quick delivery of stock prices from all over the world. Full customization possibilities for the workspace along with an extensive set of analysis tools and fundamental data make TeleTrader WorkStation an indispensable platform for professional and private traders and investors.


  • Tick, intraday, daily, weekly and monthly charts
  • 11 different chart types
  • Linear, logarithmic and percentage scale
  • Overlay of securities
  • Freely configurable continuation contracts for futures
  • Individual customization and storing of templates
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technical analysis

Technical Analysis

  • Drawing tools like lines, trend channels, text, Fibonacci retracements and much more
  • Over 200 studies with indicators and signals
  • Candlestick pattern recognition
  • Pivot Points in Charts
  • Study columns in price pages and Excel (via RTD)
  • Freely programmable studies with expandable function library
  • Intersection alerts for crossovers of chart objects
  • Study alerts for finding good entry and exit points
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Data and Functions

  • Worldwide exchanges and other markets
  • Stocks, indices , bonds, mutual funds, ETFs, futures, commodities, currencies and much more
  • Real-time stock prices, historical tick, intraday and daily data
  • Extensive search capabilities and pre-configured chains
  • Market depth including graph view and color-coded depth levels
  • Time & Sales with multi-symbol time&sales and price/volume filters
  • Linking documents with price pages
  • Watchlist and alarms, options matrix
  • VWAP calculation in price pages
  • Data export
  • Real-time link to Excel via DDE and RTD
  • Save and restore documents and workspaces
  • Global coverage
    • Major North American equity and futures exchanges
    • Broad European coverage
    • Selected Asian exchanges
    • Worldwide cash markets, indices and derivatives markets
  • Special Sources
    • Interest rates & money market data
    • Macroeconomic data
    • Issuer / OTC feeds
    • Forex sources
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News and Fundamentals

  • Real-time news
  • News filters and alarms
  • Flashing news in price pages
  • Analyst reports and recommendations
  • Extensive fundamental data on worldwide companies
  • Company and mutual fund profiles, company calendar
  • Live creation and export of PDF factsheets
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Setting up your TeleTrader WorkStation is easy!
You will find all necessary information in our extensive Help file . If you need additional support, the TeleTrader Support Team will gladly assist you with any questions you might have.

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TeleTrader Apps

Work on the go:
Same user access, same data

  • Real-time prices with automatic updates
  • Market depth
  • Charts and technical indicators
  • Current news

In combination with TeleTrader WorkStation, exchange fees are only charged once.


As a semi-professional or institutional user, you can order TeleTrader Professional Institutional, which is fully supported by our regional sales teams. They can provide individual offers for single- and multi-terminal solutions, help with terminal setup and provide product education for your staff.

Please contact us if you need more information about our products for institutional users. Our local sales team in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Hungary, Croatia or Serbia will get in touch with you.


You can also contact us at

TeleTrader in den Medien

Per App am Puls der globalen Finanzmärkte

Mai 10, 2016  |  Österreich

Die Tageszeitung ÖSTERREICH stellte am 10.Mai unser „Stockmarket“ APP in der Rubrik „Money und Finanz“ vor.

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