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Report: Tria's job on brink in Italy's budget dispute

Conflicting reports reemerged on Friday about the status of Italy's Minister of Economy and Finances Giovanni Tria (pictured), who is said by La Stampa's insider to be favored by Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini and his Northern League. On the other hand, the anonymous sources claimed, the Five Star Movement, or M5S, and independent Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte want him out. Tria also doesn't belong to any party.

According to the article, the budget review was stuck on the strategy for the pension system, one of the most crucial points, but also on taxes for cars and fuel. Il Messaggero learned levies on some new vehicles are considered to be abolished. Il Giornale wrote, also without revealing the identity of the person quoted, that the minister was heard saying he "can't take it anymore." Conversely, an anonymous person familiar with the matter told La Repubblica Tria isn't weighing whether to quit.

Conte has scheduled a meeting for December 11 with Jean-Claude Juncker, head of the European Commission, to present the changes in the budget that the government hopes can help it avoid sanctions by the European Union.

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