12/5/2023, 8:31 PM (Source: TeleTrader)
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Schumer: GOP can amend bill on Ukraine funding

United States Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer said on Tuesday that he will provide his Republican colleagues with an opportunity to amend the bill that proposes funding for both Israel and Ukraine, among several other provisions.

Speaking to reporters at Capitol Hill, he specified that he will first put on the floor of the Senate the proposal US President Joe Biden put forward in October, with three additions, one of which is aimed against the fentanyl crisis. The Republicans will then be allowed to make the first amendment that could be related to the border and immigration issues that they are focused on, Schumer explained.

"We think there are good proposals on border in the president's bill... But if they think it's not enough... I will not interfere with them drawing up an amendment but it will need 60 votes like any amendment would," the New York Democrat underscored.

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