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Senate allows US arms sale to Bahrain, Qatar

United States Senate rejected resolutions by Senator Rand Paul to block US sales of arms to Bahrain and Qatar. "There is a great danger... if we keep funneling arms in there and fueling the arms race that the powder keg will blow up," Paul said and added that the weapons Washington has been selling to Qatar end up in the arms of "our enemies and then we send soldiers to the Middle East to fight against our own weapons."

Senator Tom Cotton said that voting to block the arms sales would "embolden" America's enemies. "Make no mistake, the ayatollah, Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping are watching these votes. For those of you undecided, I would ask you to consider how those men would want you to vote," he said ahead of the votes.

Earlier, Trump said that Bahrain is ready to invest $9 billion in deals, including the purchase of 16 US fighter aircraft General Dynamics G-16 Fighting Falcons.

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