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Sharp rebound expected on Wall Street

Wall Street was seen opening with sharp gains on Friday, with the Dow futures jumping over 200 points, after two days of correction and yesterday's close when the benchmark index fell over 500 points, to amount to a total loss of over 1,300 points in two days. As the anticipation of higher interest rates continued, United States President Donald Trump criticized the Federal Reserve chair Jerome Powell yesterday, saying he's "making a mistake" when it comes to monetary policy, while denying he would fire the central banker for raising interest rates.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average index was seen going up 0.72%. The Nasdaq 100 was expected to jump 1.48% while the S&P 500 was seen adding 0.86% at the open.

The euro slid 0.11% against the US dollar to sell for 1.15813 at 12:18 pm CET.

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