4/9/2020  5:30:08 PM Chg. 0.00 Volume Bid5:30:08 PM Ask5:30:08 PM Market Capitalization Dividend Y. P/E Ratio
4,950.00CHF 0.00% 64
Turnover: 303,670
4,800.00Bid Size: 1 4,950.00Ask Size: 42 495 mill.CHF 0.30% 0.01

Business description

The Swiss National Bank AG conducts the country’s monetary policy as an independent central bank. It is obliged by the Constitution and by statute to act in accordance with the interests of the country as a whole. Its primary goal is to ensure price stability, while taking due account of economic developments. In so doing, it creates an appropriate environment for economic growth. The SNB has two head offices: one in Berne and one in Zurich. In addition, it maintains a branch with cash distribution services in Geneva and five representative offices (in Basel, Lausanne, Lucerne, Lugano and St Gallen). The determination and distribution of profits are governed by the National Bank Act (Art. 31 Abs. 2). According to these articles, A dividend not exceeding six percent of the share capital shall be paid from the net profit. One-third of any net profit remaining after the distribution shall accrue to the Confederation and two-thirds to the cantons.

Management board & Supervisory board

Management board
Dr. Andréa M. Maechler, Dr. Fritz Zurbrügg, Prof. Dr. Thomas Jordan
Supervisory board
Barbara Janom Steiner, Christoph Ammann, Dr. Christian Vitta, Ernst Stocker, Heinz Karrer, Olivier Steimer, Prof. Dr. Cédric Pierre Tille, Prof. Dr. Christoph Lengwiler, Prof. Dr. Monika Bütler, Shelby du Pasquier, Vania Alleva

Company data

Name: Schweizerische Nationalbank AG
Address: Bundesplatz 1,CH-3003 Bern
Phone: +41-58-631-3100
Fax: +41-58-631-5000
E-mail: snb@snb.ch
Internet: www.snb.ch
Industry: Financial
Sector: Banks
Sub sector: Banks
End of financial year: 12/31
Free Float: 76.70%
IPO date: -

Investor relations

Name: -
IR phone: +41-58-631-3100
IR Fax: -
IR e-mail: shareholders@snb.ch

Company calendar

CW 17 | 4/24/2020 General Shareholder Meeting
CW 18 | 4/28/2020 Ex-Dividend
CW 18 | 4/30/2020 Dividend Payment
CW 26 | 6/22/2020 Interim Report 1st Quarter/3 Months
CW 39 | 9/21/2020 Interim Report 2nd Quarter/6 Months

Main Shareholders

Kanton Bern
Kanton Zürich
Prof. Dr. Theo Siegert
Kanton Waadt
Kanton St. Gallen