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Somalia attack victims include foreign nationals

Authorities in Jubaland said on Saturday that 26 people died and 56 were injured in yesterday's attack on Hotel Asasey in Somalia's Kismayu. One Islamist extremist from Al-Shabaab was captured and two were killed by security forces. One more died in the suicide bombing which started the incident, after which others stormed the facility and started shooting at civilians. Among the dead victims including local politicians, three were Kenyans and three persons from Tanzania.

Two Americans also lost their lives together with a Briton and Somali-Canadian journalist Hodan Nalayeh. Somali reporter Mohamed Omar Sahal was killed in the attack. Two Chinese nationals are being treated in a hospital in the port city in the country's south. Senator Ahmed Hashi survived, the government said, denying reports he was shot to death. The rebel group is affiliated with Al-Qaeda.

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