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Spain's PSOE loses votes, right-wing parties gain support, poll shows

Spain's ruling socialists (PSOE) are not expected to win a majority in the country's parliamentary elections on Sunday, according to state television predictions and their number of seats in parliament is seen as decreasing. Meanwhile, right-wing Popular Party (PP) and Vox recorded major gains.

PSOE's result of 123 seats from April is seen as falling to 114-119. Ciudadanos could lose as many as 40 seats and fall down to as few as 14 while PP's number in the lower house could grow from 66 to 85-90. Vox is seen as gaining up to 59 seats which compares to 24 it won in April. Unidas Podemos could lose around 10 seats from the previous vote.

Spain held its second election this year after political parties failed to form a government following the elections in April.

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