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Syria attack 'flagrant disregard' of convention - Corbyn

United Kingdom Prime Minister Theresa May's decision not to consult the parliament on the Syria attack, which took place over the weekend, represents a “flagrant disregard” of the current convention, Leader of the Opposition Jeremy Corbyn (pictured) said on Tuesday, addressing MPs. He added that the parliament should at least have the right to ask questions before government decides on military action.

"In 2011, the coalition government suggested a convention that the House of Commons should have a chance to debate before troops were committed to military operations, however Theresa May ordered air strikes on Syria without observing this convention. Labour’s proposal will codify this into law," the Labour Party said in a press release issued on Sunday.

During yesterday's parliamentary session, Corbyn urged May to be accountable to UK parliament, not the "whims" of United States President Donald Trump.

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