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Tesla sues ex-employee for data theft

Elon Musk's Tesla decided to sue a former employee as the company believes the individual stole "gigabytes of confidential data" a lawsuit filed in Nevada said. The company says Martin Tripp "has thus far admitted to writing software that hacked Tesla's manufacturing operating system and to transferring several gigabytes of Tesla data to outside entities." Tripp worked as a process technician at Tesla.

The move comes after Musk sent an email to his employees on Tuesday saying there was a "saboteur" within the company's ranks. He went on to ask employees to "be on the lookout" for people not working in the company's interests.

Tesla did not speculate on who Tripp was spying for or if it was a state or corporate entity.

The electric carmaker's shares rose 1.37% at 17:47 pm CET.

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