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Treasuries rise as stocks return to positive territory

Investors increased the demand on Friday for debt issued by the United States Department of the Treasury, taking prices of sovereign paper higher amid substantial swings in the equity exchanges in New York. While the Nasdaq 100 stock index was firmly in the green and the S&P 500 was still modestly up, while the Dow Jones struggled to hold above the flat line after losing initial gains.

The yield on the two-year US note dropped 2.9 basis points to 2.832% at 7:40 pm CET. The ten-year benchmark yielded 3.14% or 1.1 points less for the day, compared to the decrease of 0.7 points to 3.318% for the 30-year bond. Corresponding futures grew 0.04%, 0.08% and 0.11%, respectively.

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