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Trump diverts $3.8B from military budget to border wall - report

United States Department of Defense informed Congress on Thursday that President Donald Trump's administration aims to divert $3.8 billion from Pentagon's budget to fund construction of more barriers on the border with Mexico, Politico reported, citing documents related to the decision it obtained.

If the request gets the green light, the total amount of funds Pentagon turned over to building the wall would stand at $10 billion. The $3.8 billion would be redirected from the budget allocated for the production of fighter jets, vehicles, ships and National Guard equipment, according to the report.

In his 2021 fiscal budget request to Congress on Monday, Trump asked for an additional $2 billion for the building of the wall, along with $1.4 billion for Customs and Border Protection agency and $1.9 billion for Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency.

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