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Trump: Let Assad, Russia protect Kurds from Turkey

United States President Donald Trump said on Monday that it should not be up to Americans to protect Kurds in Syria from Turkey and added that responsibility lies with the country's President Bashar al-Assad and its army.

"After defeating 100% of the ISIS Caliphate, I largely moved our troops out of Syria. Let Syria and Assad protect the Kurds and fight Turkey for their own land. I said to my Generals, why should we be fighting for Syria and Assad to protect the land of our enemy?" Trump tweeted. "Anyone who wants to assist Syria in protecting the Kurds is good with me, whether it is Russia, China, or Napoleon Bonaparte. I hope they all do great, we are 7,000 miles away!" he added.

The Kurdish Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) struck a deal with Assad's government to jointly fight against Turkey after Ankara launched an offensive against Kurds in Northern Syria last week. Earlier, Trump withdrew US troops from Syria after refusing to join Turkey's operation, while Russia insisted it is not "even thinking" of confronting Turkey.

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