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Trump: Syria didn't shoot down any of our missiles

United States President Donald Trump claimed on Monday that Syria didn't manage to shoot down any of the over 100 missiles fired by the US, Britain, and France at alleged chemical weapons facilities in the Middle Eastern country. Speaking at a tax cuts roundtable in Florida, Trump boasted the Syrian army's equipment "didn't work too well" despite reports in Russian and Syrian media which claimed the Syrian Air Defense Forces intercepted more than half of the missiles launched by the US and its allies.

On the economy, the president cited his chief economic adviser Lary Kudlow as saying the economy of the US "is entering one of the greatest booms in many decades," highlighting that since he took office in January 3 million new jobs were created and unemployment among Hispanics, African-Americans, and women are at significant lows. "We're doing tremendously, companies are moving back into our country," Trump lauded his administration's achievements.

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