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Trump thanks GOP senators who 'bravely' voted for Wall

United States President Donald Trump took to Twitter on Friday to thank all Republican senators who "bravely" voted yesterday against a congressional resolution to block his national emergency declaration. Trump claimed that the popularity of those senators in their respective states will rise more than ever before as a result of their decision.

"I’d like to thank all of the Great Republican Senators who bravely voted for Strong Border Security and the WALL. This will help stop Crime, Human Trafficking, and Drugs entering our Country. Watch, when you get back to your State, they will LOVE you more than ever before!" Trump tweeted.

Yesterday, US senators approved the resolution to block the construction of a border wall with 59 votes for and 41 against, with twelve Republican Senators supporting it, including Utah's Mitt Romney, Marco Rubio from Florida and Rand Paul of Kentucky. Shortly after the vote, Trump said that he is "looking forward" to blocking the resolution, which he described as an act of support for open borders and "crime, drugs and trafficking" in the US. Meanwhile, Trump is set to deliver remarks in the Oval Office at 3:30 pm ET later today.

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