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Trump: Turkey, Kurds must not let ISIS prisoners flee

The United States "has the worst" of the captured fighters from the Islamic State, President Donald Trump tweeted from his personal handle. He also warned that "Turkey and the Kurds" must not let members of the Islamist extremist organization also known as ISIS or Daesh escape.

"Europe should have taken them back after numerous requests. They should do it now. They will never come to, or be allowed in, the United States!" he said, criticizing again the member states of the European Union.

Almost a thousand people fled, amid an attack by Turkish forces and their allies, from a prisoners camp in Northern Syria holding captured ISIS rebels and their families. The area was controlled by the Syrian Democratic Forces, spearheaded by mostly Kurdish militia People's Protection Forces (YPG) and its all-female affiliate Women's Protection Forces (YPJ). The US is retreating from most of Syria and the authorities in the autonomous region have just made a deal with Syria's government to let its army to move in, hoping it can stop Turkey's invasion.

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