9/14/2020, 10:55 AM (Source: TeleTrader)
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UK causing tensions in Brexit talks - Irish FM

Irish Foreign Minister Simon Coveney (pictured) said on Monday that the British government decided to create "enormous tensions" in the latest talks with the European Union to set a better position in the negotiations.

"The British government has made a decision to effectively create enormous tension in these negotiations with very little time left to make a deal, by effectively saying to the EU, either give us what we want in these negotiations, which is essentially something that is not consistent with what you signed up to in the international treaty less than 12 months ago, or we will pass legislation anyway to implement that," Coveney explained in an interview with BBC.

He added that the UK's reputation "as a trusted negotiating partner on important issues is being damaged severely." A day earlier, Irish Prime Minister Michael Martin pointed out that it is essential the "decent free-trade deal" between Brussels and London is negotiated.

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