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UK's Hunt: Brexit deal cannot pass with backstop in it

United Kingdom Foreign Minister Jeremy Hunt said on Thursday that he is confident London will grant its support to the Brexit agreement if it excludes the Irish backstop arrangement. The official told Polish Gazeta Wyborcza that the backstop would "lock" the UK inside the customs union with Brussels, out of which it won't be able to escape.

"I agree that in December it was difficult to spot a solution. Now, however, it is clear that the parliament will support the divorce deal in the current shape, with one exception- the backstop," Hunt said. "If we change one thing - the entry that could potentially lock the United Kingdom in the customs union without an option to leave- the remaining part of the agreement will gain the support. I am sure this will work out," he added.

As the House of Commons is set for another Brexit debate and vote alter in the day, UK Trade Secretary Liam Fox said earlier today that the EU will closely follow the discussions and decide on future concessions accordingly.

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