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US House votes to prevent Trump from starting Iran war

United States House of Representatives voted on Friday to prevent US President Donald Trump from initiating war with Iran, except in cases of self-defense, multiple media reported.

According to the latest provision within the annual defense authorization bill, Trump would need the approval of the lawmakers in case he plans to order military actions against Tehran. It remains to be seen whether the concrete Iran restriction will be included in the final bill negotiated between the House and the Senate. The result of said talks will directly impact the size of the budget that will be allocated to the Pentagon and the military in 2020.

Last month, media reported that the US president authorized strikes on Iran in the wake of Tehran's downing of a US drone, but abruptly changed his mind a few hours later. In the meantime, the US and its allies are considering escorting all of their commercial ships travelling through the Persian Gulf with military vessels.

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