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US Treasuries decline on weak jobs report

Prices of United States government debt slipped on Friday following a brief rise after a disappointing nonfarm jobs update from the Department of Labor. The numbers for October and September were revised downward in total. Underemployment increased, though it can be seen as a marginal expansion of the workforce.

As stock futures rose before the start of trading in New York, investors mostly shunned bonds issued by the Department of the Treasury. The possible slowdown is interpreted as relieving the pressure from the Federal Reserve to lift interest rates.

The two-year note yield was slightly higher at 2.77% at 3:54 pm CET. The five-year measure was nearly unchanged at 2.755%, but still modestly below the level from the shorter end of the curve. The ten-year note yielded 2.898% or 1.2 basis points more for the day, compared to a rise of 0.8 points to 3.168% for the securities maturing in 30 years. Yields move inversely to bond prices. However, the market value of equivalent futures rose 0.01%, 0.03%, 0.04% and 0.02%, respectively.

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