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WH: Biden not going to engage in McCarthy case

United States National Security Council (NSC) Strategic Communications Coordinator John Kirby remarked on Tuesday that the White House is following what happens on the potential motion to remove House Speaker Kevin McCarthy while stressing that President Joe Biden is "not gonna get involved in" the matter in any way.

Speaking to reporters at a press conference, Kirby commented on the call Biden made with the US allies on providing help for Ukraine, adding that the president "looks forward to working with Congress to ensure that we make good on our commitment."

Kirby went on to note that McCarthy should also "keep his commitment" and ensure the House settles its mutual disagreements on the matter of aiding Ukraine. He underscored that "all the House leadership," as well as the majority of the lower chamber, are "supportive of continuing to help Ukraine," with a small "but very vocal" minority causing turmoil.

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