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Xi urged CPC to show 'no mercy' to Uyghurs - report

Chinese President Xi Jinping reportedly requested that the officials of the ruling Communist Party of China (CPC) show "no mercy" to the Muslim Uyghur minority as a part of its fight against "terrorism and separatism," according to the alleged Beijing government's leaked documents published by the New York Times on Saturday.

The "Xinjiang papers," as the newspaper called them, reportedly reveal planned oppression of the Muslim minority by the Chinese authorities after a terrorist attack in 2014 by Uyghur militants that resulted in the deaths of 31 people. "Millions" of Muslims from the Xinjiang region have been forcefully moved into labor camps and prisons in western China since then, according to the report.

In October, the United States Department of State announced it would impose visa restrictions on Beijing officials because of their alleged human rights violations of Uyghur Muslims, while China considered it to be an interference in its internal affairs.

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