12/6/2023, 5:06 PM (Source: TeleTrader)
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Google launches new Hypercomputer and AI accelerator

Alphabet Inc.'s Google launched Cloud TPU v5p on Wednesday, which, according to the company, is the "most powerful, scalable, and flexible AI accelerator." Besides, the Mountain View-based firm also presented a new AI Hypercomputer.

"Each TPU v5p pod composes together 8,960 chips over our highest-bandwidth inter-chip interconnect (ICI) at 4,800 Gbps/chip in a 3D torus topology. Compared to TPU v4, TPU v5p features more than 2X greater FLOPS and 3X more high-bandwidth memory (HBM)," the company said in a statement. Meanwhile, in relation to the AI Hypercomputer, Google added that it is "a groundbreaking supercomputer architecture" that uses "an integrated system of performance-optimized hardware, open software, leading ML frameworks, and flexible consumption models."

"Today, with Cloud TPU v5p and AI Hypercomputer, we're excited to extend the result of decades of research in AI and systems design with our customers, so they can innovate with AI faster, more efficiently, and more cost effectively," the statement concluded.

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