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Apple unveils IOS 17 system features

Apple Inc. announced on Monday at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) several characteristics of its upcoming IOS 17 operating system, which include Live Voicemail, which gives the caller the option to leave a voice message that is typed directly on the recipient's screen so that they can decide if they want to answer right away.

The enhancements added to the system include an addition to FaceTime, which enables the caller to leave a message if the recipient is unavailable for a talk right away. Other updates include improved poster-like backgrounds, more powerful and precise search options, check-in that alarms another person if the phone's owner does not make it to a destination on time, an upgraded version of AirDrop, etc.

Apple also unveiled a new application, Journal, which resembles a diary. The company also revealed a standby for the forthcoming IOS 17 operating system, as well as a new tablet, iPad, with enhanced visuals.

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