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Biden: Russia and China disrupt global economic stability

United States President Joe Biden participated in the Coast Guard Academy commencement on Wednesday, saying that America and its partners have kept sea lanes open and secure, which for decades supported global economic stability until it's been challenged by the rapid advances in technology and disruptive actions of Russia and China.

Biden pointed out the importance to protect trade and transportation arteries in the South China Sea, the Arabian Gulf and increasingly in the Arctic in order to safeguard peaceful operations. It is of vital interest to American foreign politics to secure an unimpeded flow of global commerce.

"Long-standing basic maritime principles, like freedom of navigation, are a bedrock of global economics and global security. When nations try to game the system or tip the rules in their favor, everything falls off the balance. That's why we are so adamant that these areas of the world that are the arteries of trade and shipping remain peaceful," the president said.

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