1/15, 12:34 PM (Source: TeleTrader)
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Bitcoin SV down 15% but holds above $350

Bitcoin SV sank over 15% on Wednesday after an unprecedented upsurge the day before, sparked by reports that Craig Wright, its proponent, has received the last "key" which would unlock over a million of early-mined Bitcoins, and thus prove in court that he is one of the inventors of Bitcoin, hiding behind the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto. However, Wright is known for making false claims and producing falsified documents. Others in the crypto community have also speculated the recent jump in value could be an exit scam.

At 6:18 am ET, Bitcoin SV tumbled 15.08% to $360.49. Early in the session on Wednesday, it briefly hit its all-time high of $458.74. Meanwhile, Bitcoin Cash was also in the red, sliding 2.55% to $340.12 at 6:17 am ET.

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