3/19, 6:21 PM (Source: TeleTrader)
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Google announces gaming platform Stadia

United States tech giant Google Inc. announced on Tuesday it is launching a streaming video game platform called Stadia, which will allow users to play games without investing in expensive consoles and computers. Google's cloud service will handle all the processes related to the platform.

The tech giant said that consumers will be able to join a video game that they are watching on YouTube by pressing the "play now" button. After approximately five seconds, they will be in the game. The option would be a breakthrough on the gaming market as now, people have to buy or download video games to be able to play them. Meanwhile, Amazon is also preparing its gaming platform, adding more competition to the market currently dominated by Sony and Microsoft.

Google's parent company Alphabet Inc. traded 0.61% in the green at 1:32 pm ET. Amazon gained 2.37% at 1:33 pm ET, while Microsoft added 0.24% at the same time.

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