2/13, 2:41 PM (Source: TeleTrader)
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House Reps propose bill to make federal court records free

United States House Representatives Doug Collins and Mike Quigley partnered up to roll out a bill that would make federal court records, which currently cost 10 cent a page, public through the Public Access to Court Electronic Records system. The proposal was first introduced in September but never received a hearing, so now the two representatives from both sides of the aisle have teamed up to reintroduce it.

Commenting on the bill, Republican lawmaker Collins said in a statement that in order for courts to "deliver justice in public, open for any and all to inspect" case filings must not be "shrouded behind a paywall." His Democratic colleague Quigley added that "the American people deserve free access to federal court records" while "courts deserve a modernized way of maintaining those documents."

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