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Macron opens national debate amid protests

French President Emmanuel Macron launched a three-month national debate in an open letter to the public as protests against his government continue. He determined four main topics, namely taxes, the environmental transition, state administration, and citizenship and democracy, which he will discuss at town halls across the country.

"There are no forbidden questions. We will not agree on everything, that is normal, that is democracy. But at least let us show that we are a people who is not afraid to speak, to exchange views, to debate. And maybe we will discover that we can agree, beyond our persuasions, more often than we think," Macron wrote. However, he also said he will not abandon his campaign manifesto and some decisions taken so far, including scrapping a wealth tax. "We will not undo the measures we have introduced to put this right, encourage investment and ensure that work pays more," he argued.

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