Global Wearable Technology Markets 2017-2027: Augmented, Virtual and Mixed Reality Devices

1/3/2018, 4:01 PM (Source: GlobeNewswire)

Dublin, Jan. 03, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The "Wearable Technology 2017-2027" report has been added to Research and Markets' offering.

This report contains granular 10-year forecasts describing revenues, volumes and pricing for 39 separate wearable technology product types from 2017-2027. To accompany this data, we have dedicated a chapter to the discussion of key trends throughout the industry as a series of case studies. This includes qualitative discussion backed up by key forecast data, and covers topics including the future of fitness tracking, a qualified case for growth in augmented, mixed and virtual reality segments, a study of smartwatches viewed in parallel to the future of standalone communication devices (e.g. smartphones), healthcare and medical devices and finally a study looking at wearables in the enterprise sector.

Compiled after three years of dedicated and ongoing research by expert analysts, this report details coverage of the wearable technology ecosystem. The report looks at the industry from many different perspectives, with detailed discussion framing core primary research and market forecasting. The reports looks at the historical context for wearable technology products, looking at key yet contrasting sectors such as medical devices and commodity infotainment items like headphones or electronic watches. It then focuses on key trends today, ranging from societal megatrends (e.g. the aging population), to industry-wide innovation trends (e.g. evolving form factors and interfaces in devices), and finally down to core player-by-player strategies within industry and product verticals.

Fuelled by a frenzy of hype, funding and global interest, wearable technology was catapulted to the top of the agenda for companies spanning the entire value chain and world. This investment manifested in hundreds of new products and extensive tailored R&D investigating relevant technology areas. However, the fickle nature of hype is beginning to show, and many companies are now progressing beyond discussing "wearables" to focus on the detailed and varied sub-sectors. Within this report, we include sections on each key of these key product areas, including fitness trackers, smartwatches, smart clothing, smart eyewear (including AR and VR), smart skin patches, headphones and more. We also look separately by application sector (including healthcare & medical, fitness & wellness, professional sports, infotainment, enterprise, military and fashion), giving detailed case studies within each, but also discussing the trend that is seeing increasing cross-industry collaboration and product development.

This report contains 90 company profiles and interviews with many of the largest, most innovative and disruptive companies in the ecosystem. All profiles are generated from interview-based primary research with key staff from the subject company, and are compiled alongside our other research to give maximum insight. In our end user interviews, we outline the future direction in some of the world's largest companies, outlining their vision for how wearables will fit within their business models, and what they feel is needed from the industry to drive further growth.

Key Topics Covered:

1.1. "Wearables"- the hype is fading and shifting to new sectors
1.2. The hype is fading: Metrics (Google Trends)
1.3. The hype is fading: Metrics (Funding Trends)
1.4. The hype is fading: Metrics (Patent Trends)
1.5. Total Market Outlook
1.6. Market Outlook: Wrist-worn fitness trackers
1.7. Market Outlook: Headphones
1.8. Market Outlook: Augmented, virtual and mixed reality devices
1.9. Smartwatches: Short to medium term outlook
1.10. Long term: Standalone wearable communication devices
1.11. Market Outlook: Medical Devices
1.12. Wearables by market sector

2.1. Introduction
2.2. Definitions
2.3. Grouping sections within wearable technology
2.4. Parallel sectors converge to wearable technology
2.5. Wearable technology overlaps with major verticals
2.6. The effects of defining a new industry sector
2.7. Prominent cross-industry collaboration
2.8. A history of wearable technology
2.9. 135 years of headphones
2.10. The growth of the premium headphone sector
2.11. Select history of wearable medical devices - Blood Pressure
2.12. Select history of wearable medical devices - Cardiac devices
2.13. Select history of wearable medical devices - Skin Patches
2.14. Wearable technology hype and drivers

3.1. Trends are the unifying factor in a diverse industry
3.2. Megatrends
3.3. Innovation trends
3.4. Making electronics flexible: examples
3.5. The evolving user interface: examples
3.6. Increasing battery life: examples
3.7. Geographical trends
3.8. Commoditization
3.9. The impact of VCs and crowdfunding
3.10. R&D focus across the world
3.11. Privacy concerns
3.12. Security concerns
3.13. The impact on the wearable technology market

4.1. Contents
4.2. Healthcare and Medical
4.3. Heart monitoring
4.4. Clinical Trials
4.5. Diabetes Monitoring: Closing the feedback loop?
4.6. Diabetes Monitoring: Current commercial situation
4.7. Advanced and portable diagnostics
4.8. Fitness and Wellness
4.9. Corporate Wellness
4.10. Wearables for the insurance sector: people and pets
4.11. UV protection
4.12. Infotainment
4.13. VR Gaming
4.14. Core infotainment devices: phone, watch, what next?
4.15. Enterprise: Industrial and Commercial
4.16. Applications in heavy industry
4.17. Case Study: Fujitsu Numazu Factory
4.18. Challenges and requirements for AR in industry
4.19. Commercial applications
4.20. Power Assist Suits
4.21. Military
4.22. The Intelligent Soldier System
4.23. Others
4.24. Professional Sports
4.25. Examples: Athlete tracking for performance
4.26. Examples: Athlete tracking for entertainment

5.1. Smartwatches and Fitness Trackers
5.1.1. Smartwatches
5.1.2. Example: The Apple Watch
5.1.3. Beyond smartwatches: the evolving user interface
5.1.4. Market Forecast: Wearable Communication Devices
5.1.5. Fitness trackers
5.1.6. "Smartwatch" vs. "Fitness tracker"
5.1.7. Fitness tracking case studies: Fitbit
5.1.8. Fitness tracking case studies: Xiaomi
5.1.9. Fitness tracking case studies: Jawbone
5.1.10. Fitness tracking case studies: Nike
5.1.11. The future of fitness trackers
5.2. Smart Eyewear
5.2.1. Smart eyewear
5.2.2. Nomenclature in the smart eyewear world: virtual (VR) and augmented (AR) reality
5.2.3. Nomenclature in the smart eyewear world: variations of AR and VR
5.2.4. Some examples of AR and VR headsets by category
5.2.5. "Over eye" vs. "In eye"
5.2.6. "On eye" - Smart eyewear and headsets
5.2.7. Virtual Reality
5.2.8. Augmented Reality
5.2.9. Mixed reality
5.2.10. In-eye: so much to do in limited space
5.2.11. Eye-worn electronics: The 4x main technology challenges
5.3. Smart Clothing
5.3.1. 75 years of 'Smart Clothing'
5.3.2. Early commercial examples: Infineon, Philips, O'Neill
5.3.3. Related products: HRM Chest Straps
5.3.4. Integrating HRM into clothing
5.3.5. Who uses smart clothing today?
5.3.6. Market Forecast (e-textiles, apparel only), 2016-2026
5.3.7. Examples from key sectors
5.3.8. Project Jacquard
5.3.9. Large players enter the market: 3 strategies
5.3.10. For more details on Smart Clothing & E-Textiles
5.4. Skin patches
5.4.1. Cosmetic skin patches
5.4.2. Medical skin patches - the dark horse
5.4.3. A list of increasing number of medical skin patch products
5.4.4. Medical implants

6.1. Acquisitions, Investments, Partnerships and Prizes
6.2. List of prominent M&A activity
6.3. Funding and Investments
6.4. List of prominent partnerships
6.5. Prizes
6.6. Key Player Case Studies: Leaders in Wearables?
6.7. Apple
6.8. Alphabet
6.9. Medical Device Manufacturers
6.10. The battle of the contract manufacturers
6.11. Flex and Jabil: Contrasting strategies today

7.1. Forecast Details and Assumptions
7.2. Market Outlook: Wrist-worn fitness trackers
7.3. Market Outlook: Headphones
7.4. Market Outlook: Augmented, virtual and mixed reality devices
7.5. Smartwatches: Short to medium term outlook
7.6. Long term: Standalone wearable communication devices
7.7. Market Outlook: Medical Devices
7.8. Wearables by market sector
7.9. Wearables for Enterprise

8.1. Full market forecasting: Revenue
8.2. Full Market Forecasting: Volume
8.3. Full Market Forecasting: Pricing

9.1. Adidas
9.2. AiQ Smart Clothing
9.3. AIST
9.4. Amotech
9.5. APDM
9.6. Atheer Labs
9.7. Avegant
9.8. Aztrong
9.9. BeBop Sensors
9.10. Biolinq Inc
9.11. Blue Spark Technologies
9.12. Brochier Technologies
9.13. Catapult Sports
9.14. Cityzen Sciences
9.15. Clim8
9.16. Clothing+
9.17. CSEM Centre Suisse d'Electronique et de Microtechnique SA
9.18. DexCom Inc
9.19. Directa Plus
9.20. Dispelix
9.21. eMagin Corporation
9.22. Emperra
9.23. Epson
9.24. Eurecat - Cetemmsa
9.25. Firstbeat Technologies Ltd
9.26. Flex
9.27. Footfalls and Heartbeats
9.28. Forster Rohner AG
9.29. Gait Up SA
9.30. Gaugewear
9.31. GlySens
9.32. GSK
9.33. Hexoskin
9.34. HISEP Technology Ltd.
9.35. Hivox Biotek
9.36. Holst Centre
9.37. Humavox
9.38. IMEC
9.39. InfiniLED
9.40. Infinite Corridor Technology
9.41. Infi-tex
9.42. Intelligent Textiles Limited
9.43. Interactive Wear
9.44. Joanneum Research
9.45. Johnson & Johnson Innovations
9.46. Kopin Corporation
9.47. Korulab
9.48. Luminet Technologies
9.49. Lumiode, Inc.
9.50. MC10
9.51. Medical Design Solutions
9.52. Medtronic Inc
9.53. Mled-Ltd
9.54. Nanomedical Diagnostics
9.55. Novasentis, Inc
9.56. Oculus
9.57. Ohmatex ApS
9.58. Optinvent
9.59. Ostendo Technologies
9.60. Osterhout Design Group
9.61. PKVitality
9.62. Precision Microdrives
9.63. Primo1D
9.64. Proteus Digital Health
9.65. Ricoh
9.66. Runtastic GmbH
9.67. Samsara S.r.l.
9.68. Sarvint Technologies, Inc.
9.69. Sensing Tex
9.70. Sensoria
9.71. Sensum
9.72. Sharp Devices Europe GMBH
9.73. Smartlife Technology Ltd
9.74. Snapwatch Ltd
9.75. Sony Europe (SES)
9.76. StretchSense
9.77. Syndiant Inc
9.78. Thalmic Labs
9.79. TouchNetix Ltd
9.80. UICO
9.81. United Sciences
9.82. V Technical Textiles
9.83. Valencell Inc
9.84. Varibel Innovations BV
9.85. Verily
9.86. Vitali
9.87. Vivalnk
9.88. Vocalzoom
9.89. VUZIX Corporation
9.90. Wearable Life Science
9.91. Welbean
9.92. Ybrain Inc.

10.1. Analysis across 826 companies

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