10/8/2019, 12:31 AM (Source: TeleTrader)
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Johnson to reward EU govts opposing Brexit delay - report

The government of the United Kingdom of Prime Minister Boris Johnson will reward member states of the European Union that oppose a Brexit delay while countries that back postponing the UK's exit from the EU should be prepared to see their relations with London worsen, ITV reported, citing a Downing Street official.

A source from the government said that "countries which oppose a delay will go to the front of the queue for future cooperation - cooperation on things both within and outside EU competences." Meanwhile, Johnson's government insisted "those who support the delay will go to the bottom of the list." Furthermore, the UK is prepared to label any support of a Brexit delay "as hostile interference in domestic politics."

Downing Street is also prepared to tell the EU that if a letter regarding a delay is sent to Brussels, it will insist that demands for a delay are coming from Parliament and that it will "wash its hands" of any deal between the EU and MPs.

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