10/9/2019, 10:43 PM (Source: TeleTrader)
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Trump calls out 'military industrial complex'

United States President Donald Trump said that the hardest thing he has to do as commander-in-chief is to sign letters to parents of soldiers that have died in US military operations around the world.

The president criticized the so-called military industrial complex for pushing for wars, which he stated he'd like to end. The term refers to the defense industry and political circles that work together on continuing defense spending through military interventions. Meanwhile, NATO members don't pay the required contribution to the alliance, he added.

On the dangers that the Turkish offensive in northern Syria poses for local Kurds, Trump stated that Kurds are "our friends" who are "fighting for their land." He also threatened with "far more than sanctions" against Ankara if its military operation is not conducted "as humane a way as possible."

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