11/19/2019, 9:31 PM (Source: TeleTrader)
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Corbyn: I will carry out result of 2nd Brexit referendum

Leader of the Labour Party Jeremy Corbyn said on Tuesday he will carry out the result of a potential second referendum on Brexit. He further explained that his party's priority is to get Brexit sorted.

"We will negotiate incredible leave options in 3 months and in the next 6 months give the choice to British people to decide whether we leave or stay," Corbyn said, adding that Prime Minister Boris Johnson Johnson "cannot protect jobs. We have to maintain firm and good trade relations with Europe because if we don't, more jobs will be lost."

Johnson, answering a question on his Brexit timetable on ITV news said that Conservatives "certainly will come out on January 31 entire and perfect - England, Wales and Northern Ireland together." He added that the problem is in the fact that there is a "deadlocked parliament that will not deliver Brexit. We conservatives can. If you vote for us, we have a deal that we want to get through parliament in the next few weeks. We can break the deadlock and get Brexit done."

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