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Opinion - Bitcoin: Future Gold?


If you invested $10 in Bitcoin 10 years ago, you would be a millionaire now. Never before could you make so much money in a decade.

Is Bitcoin still worth investing in? The traditional world would say it is digital junk: false! Bitcoin is a decentralized, electronic payment system that works without any central bank. It enables peer to peer faster and cheaper money transfer. In addition, the Bitcoin network is safe. Every transaction is comprehensible and immortalized in the blockchain protocol.

States can’t print money and create debt forever. Fiat money is losing value. Bitcoin could be the solution since its amount is limited to 21 million bitcoins. The third halving of the cryptocurrency happens today. After the third halving, it will be twice as expensive to mine a bitcoin as you get only 6.25 bitcoins for 1 block mined. Gold is extracted from mines. Bitcoin, like gold, is becoming stronger as an asset. It protects against inflation. A cryptocurrency may replace money at some point. Companies such as Microsoft and Starbucks, as well as Unicef, are already accepting payments in Bitcoin. Furthermore, the Swiss city of Zug started accepting the cryptocurrency in 2016.

Therefore: Bitcoin is the future of money, the gold of the digital world.

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