Creating the reality you want is not so hard when you know how to leverage universal laws to work for you

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DIEMEN, Netherlands, Sept. 29, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- From living in a beautiful villa in Amsterdam, Judith Hirsch became homeless living on the streets. Why did this happen? She did not "play the game" according to the rules of the universal laws. It took her many years of additional dramatic falls and a renewed rebirth to discover the rules she reveals to readers in “You Are the Driver of Your Life" trilogy. 


This Book 1: "The Awakening” shows readers how to play the game of life differently. It shows them how to leverage 13 powerful laws of the universe to their advantage in order to win every game, create the reality they desire and enjoy this gift called life. Here, Hirsch shares her insights with people who are looking for answers, in a plain language, using examples and stories from her personal roller-coaster-like life, to help the readers see the invisible physical universal laws that are being activated by the reader's sets of beliefs, and so helps them understand that they hold the key to the world they wish to create for themselves.


“This book couldn't be more current and more needed than in this present time during this devastating COVID-19 pandemic, as people are desperately looking for answers and seeking guidance that can help them gain their power back, and help them steer their lives with more confidence in creating a more desirable reality for themselves within this abnormal life circumstances,” Hirsch says. “This is a workbook. I kind of demand from the readers to actively participate in the process of their own personal development. I ask them to stop reading and think about what they just read and write their thoughts down in a dedicated notebook.  Through writing, they start to become aware of their own hidden beliefs" "It's crucial," Hirsch says, "because the very first thoughts, the automatic ones, that come up in them as reactions to what they see, hear, smell, touch and taste, are their true beliefs that drives them to action. By writing their thoughts down on paper, they not only identify the cause of their reality, but they can witness their own progress and personal growth, as everything in life, starts with a thought.”


“You Are the Driver of Your Life" Book 1: "The Awakening: Understanding the Law of Cause and Effect” aims to make readers understand that they are the masters of their own world — the creators of their reality. That they are responsible for all that is happening in their lives within their life's circumstances, and as such, with all the knowledge that they have acquired in the book, they can start creating life according to their own design, and succeed this time.  For more details about the book, please visit


“You Are the Driver of Your Life Book 1: The Awakening”

By Judith Hirsch

Hardcover | 6 x 9in | 250 pages | ISBN 9781982209520

Softcover | 6 x 9in | 250 pages | ISBN 9781982209544

E-Book | 250 pages | ISBN 9781982209537

Available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble

About the Author

Judith Hirsch was born in Israel to Holocaust survivors. This trilogy is a result of 55 years of self-observation, trying to figure out how she has managed to create an empire of a multi-million dollar business all by herself and achieve all her important goals, despite her life's circumstances: coming from a very poor background, suffering abusive childhood, no formal education and being an underdog for years, going through a violent and abusive marriage to a diplomat, divorcing, then starting her career at the age of 38, with nothing, except for a big dream: to become a millionaire and get back her children, that her husband took away from her. 
Her questions were; "What made it possible for me to rise up again and again after each blow and succeed, even after I lost all my money and became homeless for a few years?" and "What 'secrets' do I possess that I was not aware of?"  
Her revelations became a burning desire to write this self-help book for everyone that is looking for answers.


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