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Biden confirms US international vaccine rollout

United States President Joe Biden stated on Monday that the US will start shipping vaccines that have been approved by the country's regulating bodies internationally, saying that, by the end of June, 80 million vaccines will be sent abroad to help fight the pandemic effort.

Biden confirmed earlier White House statements on the matter, that 20 million further doses will be shipped, alongside 60 million doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine, saying that when it comes to the pandemic "no ocean was wide enough, no wall too big." He also noted that the US plans to "lead the world in values" and "will not ask any favors" of those countries that received vaccines from the US, but was doing it because it was "the right thing to do." Moreover, Biden asserted that with this measure the US will "send five times more vaccines than any other country to date."

Biden also stated that his administration is currently working on a "multilateral effort" to fight the pandemic and help global recovery and that he will announce those initiatives at the G7 summit that will be held in the United Kingdom later in June.

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