Favy: Best Coffee Club Of 2021 Announced, As Recommended by Expert Product Reviewers

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Coffee lovers unite! Respected product review website ‘Favy’ have announced their best five coffee clubs of 2021, with in depth research and user experience backing up their decision-making process.

Taking top spot for this year is Atlas Coffee Club. A subscription service that gives you the chance to experience coffee from around the world, they curate the best coffee, roast it fresh, and deliver it to your door.

Reviews from Favy are based on actual experience and social proof, and claiming top spot takes some doing.

Below, we outline why Favy chose Atlas Coffee Club as their recommend coffee club of 2021, and dive a little deeper into their review process:

Who are Favy?

Favy is a free-to-use product review website. Their expert reviews carry out vigorous research so that you can stay informed and buy with confidence.

Favy Coffee Clubs

Coffee clubs are a relatively new phenomena made possible through internet subscription services. Incredibly popular, they give coffee-lovers the chance to find and experience the best coffee available worldwide.

As one of the leading product review websites, Favy found that many struggled with the abundance of clubs and subscriptions available online, not having a clear idea of which coffee club to join, and what criteria to judge them on.

Favy Coffee Club reviews are some of the most respected online. They compare quality of product, price, customer service and additional benefits such as tailored insight and advice, to separate the best from the rest.

Atlas Coffee Club – #1 in Favy’s top coffee clubs of 2021

Are you ready to try some of the top 1% of coffee from around the world? Atlas Coffee Club hand pick the best coffee from around the globe and deliver it to your doorstop.

Favy compared Atlas Coffee Club to a number of key players is the subscription market, and noted the following as standout benefits when choosing to join Atlas:

  • Single-origin, specialty-grade, freshly-roasted coffee — no more brewing beans that have been sitting on the shelves for months!
  • A postcard with an image of the country’s unique beauty and information on the history of coffee in that region
  • The unique tasting notes of that coffee, including chocolate, black tea, blueberry, honey, strawberry, fig — specialty coffee has 800 aromatic and flavor notes
  • Brewing tips (such as what type of device to use)

However, what really won over the review panel was that having tried and tested Atlas Coffee Club and their variety of fresh roasts, they believed Atlas provided some of the best coffee they’ve ever tasted. No two bags of beans had the same flavor profile, and it opened up a new world of taste that otherwise they would have not been able to experience.

Those who join the club can test these coffee variations through unique micro-lots. Each month you’ll be sent bags of coffee from various parts of the world, with highlights on the unique flavors and countries that they originate from. The beans that they source are grown at high-altitude, are hand-picked when perfectly ripe, and perfectly roasted to truly emphasize their tasting notes and flavor profiles.

Interested in learning more? Read Favy’s full review here: Atlas Coffee Club

The best of the rest

Favy cherry-picked a number of other top contenders for the best coffee club of 2021 accolade. Head over to their website to see who the best of the rest were and start your coffee adventure today.

About Favy:

Favy is a free-to-use product review website based around actual user experiences and social proof. Their in-depth reviews cover everything from coffee clubs and meat delivery services to pet food, VPN services, printers, mattresses and more. All of your favourite products are here, with reviews backed up by complex research so that you can stay informed and buy with confidence. Learn more via the website: https://favy.com/


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