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Full report on Johnson's Partygate coming tomorrow

Sue Gray's full report about parties organized at the British Prime Minister's Office in Downing Street is expected to be released as soon as tomorrow, according to a report published by the Sun on Tuesday. According to cited sources, the report will reveal new exclusive photos of government members partying during the nationwide COVID-19 lockdown in England.

Commenting on the scandal, London Mayor Sadiq Khan raised questions about why authorities haven't fined Prime Minister Boris Johnson for breaking COVID-19 lockdown rules last year.

"Yesterday was the first time I saw the photograph of Boris Johnson raising a glass, clearly bottles of wine lying around, others with wine in their hand, on a day when he said in the Houses of Commons, and I speak as a former parliamentarian and I know the importance of not lying or misleading in the House of Commons, that there wasn't a party," Khan argued.

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