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Biden signs NATO ratification docs for Sweden, Finland

United States President Joe Biden signed ratification papers for the accession protocols to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) for Sweden and Finland on Tuesday, making the US the 23rd country to do so.

Biden remarked that the Nordic countries joining the alliance will bring "security and stability not just to Europe or the US, but to the whole world." He added that Finland and Sweden have strong economies and militaries and will greatly contribute to NATO in order to "deter threats that harm [NATO's] interest." The president remarked that "Putin wanted to break [NATO] apart" but instead the organization is "stronger than ever" with Finland and Sweden entering the "sacred commitment which states that an attack on one is an attack to all."

He concluded by saying that the US will defend every inch of NATO and that the alliance is more important than ever amid the Ukraine crisis. The organization remains open to European countries that share the same values and can contribute militarily.

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